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  1. Yes, I did asked questions there before reading the rules... Sincere apologies. It was an older thread, so started a new one. It seems that the only part that's missing is screw 268. I found a picture of it in the list of the parts, also on Smithsonian website a book of screws and nuts, but no measurements. I have some spare screws and one will fit in the hole in question, but it's much too short... I also tried to measure it, (tried with my caliper, but it's metric so it is showing 4.42mm for it's circumference). I believe Singer used to make it's own screws, they are harder to find now. (My Dad is a mechanical engineer, he told me the threading is most likely in a different angle too then metric screws) I also find a great source in another thread here about Singer screws (this forum is amazing ). A file was added (I can't open it for some reason, perhaps it's been removed?) about Keystone having a catalogue of Singer screw measurements... I'll email them and see weather they can help. Also got in touch with Helen Howes in the UK, she has sewing machine parts and was able to help me out before... The machine cleaned up beautifully, and it's turning pretty smoothly. It is one of 200 made in 1951. I am sure it's sewing a beautiful stitch. I can't give up on it just yet... Thank you again for your help! Eszter
  2. Thank you, I have this one... Kind regards, Eszter
  3. Never mind! I figured out that I am missing screw No 268 that meant to tighten the spool holder pin... What a shame
  4. Hello Leatherworkers! Thank you so much for letting me join! As for my very first post: I found a singer 172K1 with original motor and table in an antique dealers shop. I am rather intimidated and intrigued by it, was thinking hard weather buying it or not, and finally today I took it home. It's an unusual looking machine, and I was trying to find info about it online before buying, sadly not much besides a pdf list of parts, some advertisement from the 50s, and some limited info on ismacs.net... I've seen that a few of your members has or had this machine and I would appreciate some pictures please of threading it or if anyone could walk me trough how the thread holding area is being put together? Or a manual by any chance? It's from 1951, and for an industrial, it's in really great shape. I know the part with the screw is going under the machine, and the other part with the spring and rod supposed to go to the other end with a spool between them, I'm probably missing a clamp or something to keep them together... Any help is greatly appreciated! Esther
  5. Hi Alex! I know it's an older thread, but just wondering if you still have the machine? Did you managed to find a manual by any chance? If you still have the machine, do you have a few more pictures? I just got one today, but even looking at the parts list, I am not sure weather is complete... Regards, Esther
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