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  1. Hi, Tim,

    Please see price quote below from freight center:

    The rate door to door will be $789.05. If this can ship residence to terminal, the rate is $573.75 with a terminal located as follows; 
    7 Ginn Rd

    Scarborough, ME 04074 US


    Please note, though, if I ship via freight, I need to purchase a crate and that is an additional $165 (via Uline).

    So, this is high.  I am around, as well, if you want to get on skype or zoom and see the machine in action.


  2. 16 hours ago, tkelly001 said:


    I am interested in the skiver.  Could you check shipping to 04530?  I could probably drive down from Maine within the next few days if pricing for shipping is to high.  thanks,  Tim


    I will check pricing and submit a quote for you shortly, Tim!



    On 1/19/2021 at 10:34 AM, MG513 said:

    Thanks for getting back with this!

    I am still awaiting a quote from a company closer to home that I reached out to before I got on the site. I will think about this one and see what would be the best option between the two. Thank you

    Sounds Good,


  4. On 1/16/2021 at 7:18 PM, MG513 said:

    Cool beans. If you could also post a photo of all the extras it comes with, rollers feet etc. thx

    The link below shows more pictures with the rollers, the light on and the size of the table (48" long).


    I did research on freight services and it is $355 (not drop off inside of residence/business)- please find quote attached.  Even more, the crate I would have to ship it in is $165 (uline).  That is the least amount I found for freight quotes.  If you are still interested in this item, I am happy to jump on a zoom call to show you more of the item and run tests of it while you are on zoom.

    12335660_BOL_and_estimate (1).pdf


    1 hour ago, MG513 said:

    Your prices are very fair! I’m interested in the skiver but I’m in Ohio. How would you go about getting a shipping quote? I’d imagine it’d be no less than $250. Cincinnati 45214 shipping to a dock

    I will get a quote from a freight company and respond accordingly with it.

  6. I, also, have  a Highlead GC0618-1SC-1sc (with table).  I would offer that for $500 (reg. $1500).  For transparency, I bought it to sew light weight leather and often times had a problem with it skipping; Thus, every couple of months, I was calling someone to help me calibrate it.  But, for someone who can either calibrate readily, or has a mechanic in house or on call, it will be more of a value to them/you.  I will happily jump on a zoom call to show both machines to you.

  7. Cobra NP 4 Skyving Machine for sale.  $950 (reg $1500 machine).  Minimal wear and tear.  Minimal scuff.  Comes with table and light.  Good machine.  I no longer do leather work and would love for it to go to a good home.  Prefer pick up (NYC) but will ship.  Shipping pricing contingent on freight pricing.  If shipped, PayPal only.  If picked up, cash only.

    Pics attached via link below:


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