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  1. I’ve got some very soft calf leather, when I cut lace it’s not cutting smooth. I need info on cutting the best possible lace. I’ve got a Aussie lace cutter. Works great and firmer leather . I’m using 2-3 oz. any help is appreciated
  2. I’m looking for a slicing machine to thin down veg tan lace.. what would you guys/gals recommend. This will be used for hobby use only. Thanks for any info
  3. My 4 strand braid looks good on the side facing me, but back side looks bad. Any thoughts. I plaiting around a core. Thank
  4. Here’s a second knot I need info on. Thanks for any help
  5. I’m trying to repair a older vintage blackjack I have. I have learned the braiding 8, 12 plait but the head is giving me trouble. Here’s a picture of what I need to learn to do. Is it a braid or a extended Turks head??
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