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  1. I like it now I see more of it , good job
  2. looks good would like to see more pic's of it
  3. by gluing it while bent it will make the liner a little longer then the wallet and hopefully prevent the wrinkling
  4. yea my thoughts its a beautiful bag but that handle detracts from it
  5. Probably easier to take out the lining and put a new one in , but we really need some picture
  6. Thats very nice good job
  7. She was very happy, I also engraved her Ints after I took pic LOL
  8. Made this quick for a lady who's nylon holster was falling apart.
  9. I've made 3 hats nothing special, but the thing is they use up a lot of leather, there heavy and hot to wear, so no more hats for me LOL
  10. Bert03241

    686 Holster

    very cool holster nice work
  11. Thanks guys I guess I'll just have to try different ways suggested and see what works best for me
  12. you can't sell his patterns but you can sell the stuff you make from his patterns
  13. well I wouldn't be doing anything to intricate at first. I suppose I could limit any carving to the flatter parts of the holster or sheath . Guess I'll just have to give it a try see how it works out.Thanks for replying
  14. I mostly do wet molding knife sheaths and gun holsters . I've never do any carving but would like to try, But is the wet molding gonna mess up any carving work
  15. Great work in progress, can't wait to see the finished sheath
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