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  1. If it’s not Scottish it’s CRAP! And so is Eco Flo dye but that’s all we can get here in California. I just got some Fielding Low-Voc dye, first impression is meh. Splotchy but at least it won’t run.
  2. Fieblings acrylic dye is terrible stuff. It will smear, lift, crack... I am becoming the poster child of Angry Californians who cannot get any chemicals but water based ones. I just received some Low-Voc dye, first impressions are meh. Uneven and splotchy.
  3. I live in California, we cannot get anything but water based, acrylic dyes. Forget about the antiquing paste. Even Tan Kate smears water based dye. I just got some Fielding low-voc dye, first impressions were not great either, very blotchy but at least they will not run. Considering smuggling some real chemicals but I’m too good looking for jail. I could smoke a legal joint but can’t use real dye.
  4. I use a cheap Amazon airbrush to spray Resolene, I cut it 1:1 also, the only problem I’ve had is subsequent coats need to be very light or any low spots tend to pool and dry that way, I’ve used just the air to try and even it out before it drys but it still leaves a spot. Because I live in California, we can not buy any thing but water based, acrylic dyes and if you apply too heavy, the dye will lift. I watched my neighbor smoke a legal joint and I’m considering getting some illegal dye!?!
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