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  1. Good day to everyone, before I start I just want to say I genuinely appreciate all the information shared on the forum and I almost feel guilty for never contributing to that knowledge and starting off with a question, selfishly. I’m looking to replace the main shaft rear bearing on a Juki LU-55 ( same as 562 more or less just no reverse and longer stitch length. It’s a Subclass 3) the self aligning bearings were actual junk and quite bad. But I’ve searched for information regarding this question and forgive me if I’ve missed it. But if someone could kindly point me in the direction of where bearing replacement methods and posts have been discussed I’d appreciate it. I will say that the machine is not sitting as a whole machine waiting for a reply. It is bearing-less now, so repacking, not messing with, etc. is out the window of course. Also if this has not been discussed and someone knows- but just looking at the bearing it looks like its flared as a retention method to the upper main shaft rear bushing and according to my mic it shows it being .5mm wider than NSK’s posted I.D dimension. So I was curious of methods on removing a flared set bearing if that’s the case and any other information available that anyone is willing to share. Again, please forgive me if this has been discussed in regards to the many machines that are alike. I understand the annoyance of repeated topics, but I assure you I haven’t been too lazy on this quest of seeking answers waiting for my bearing to arrive (maybe just searching the wrong fields). I thank you for your time. - Kegan
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