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  1. I bought it, all parts are here. Just need to get needles. Thank you !
  2. I have not had any time to go about it. But I'm back in business now. Hope these pics are better, I had to move the machine for that ...beast is heavy... Tomorrow I will get another machine ( Singer 34K11) to help me out till I get this one moving. But perhaps I need 2 anyway and will keep Singer as well. So far I only handstitched leather but now that I have horses I need to make some gear. And I'm afraid my poor fingers will not take handsewing pressure.
  3. I'm looking for needles to my green monster: KOCHS ADLER - Sattler Universal Class 23 needle system is 580 / 585A
  4. I think you are right, thank you. I'll see if i can find needles for it.
  5. Hello, I have bought a sewing machine a year back, cleaned it, oiled it and it seems to run good. And I would love to use it. But I have trouble finding any more information about that monster. Also I don't have needles for it. Or anything else not attached to machine. Does anyone have an idea about that green beast? thanks : )
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