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  1. Does anyone know of any good places to buy leather, tools and threads etc in the Cambridge/ Peterborough (Uk) area? Especially somewhere I can visit.
  2. I knew it would be a good idea to join this forum, thanks for the spoon tip
  3. Will they still burnish if the leather is chrome tanned?
  4. I just made the holes in the one piece with a stitching fork and poked them through with an awl then hand stitched them. It looks a bit neater in the photo than it does in real life
  5. I made a few mistakes on this project but learned loads too, like I really need to get some flat nose pliers to pull the needle through rather than use my hands. My poor fingers were shredded by the time I’d finished.
  6. Here’s a couple of things I made out of scraps while waiting for new leather to arrive. The pin cushion is stuffed with a couple of discs cut out from a foam kneeling pad.
  7. I started leather crafting in January this year and I’m loving it. here is a multi tool pouch I made
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