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  1. I wish I had found an example with dimensions like Rocksnake shows, those examples have some nice design features. This is how my stitching pony turned out. I included magnets because I had some and it was an easy addon. I think I want to add a lanyard to the spacer. I can see I might want to lower the top clamp position at some point. The leather I glued to the clamp was the first leather I've ever cut and when I tried to bevel the edges I discovered I'm not good at that yet. I clamped it to my workbench to see how it works with my stool. Next up is to actually use it to see how it works.
  2. The toggle looks like it is made of wood, did you make that?
  3. I like the designs by Spyros (nice wood too). I wanted to make a quick release but I hadn't worked out how I wanted to do it. I'll have to use the stitching pony to see how it really works. I plan on replacing the T handle (it was what I had when I test fitted the parts).
  4. Thank you all for the feedback. I'll be skipping the magnets and adding leather and a spring. I'll be cutting the threaded rods to size. I'm thinking of epoxying the nuts to the bolts on the left side. The spacer is a little awkward but it does reduce the amount of threading needed with the knob; I might add a tether to the spacer.
  5. I'm a woodworker and I'm building a stitching pony (I'm starting leather working). I'm looking for advice about a couple design features. How big of a clamping surface is recommended? Should I add a piece of leather to the clamping surface? I'll be adding a pair of magnets near the top. I think a needle will find a natural alignment on the magnet. Before I glue the magnet in I want to align it so the needle is in a convenient position. Is there a preferred alignment such as angled at 10 or 2 O-clock off the front or rear; maybe straight out the side (I'm guessing it is s personal preference but I want to avoid stabbing my hand grabbing for it). I'm test fitting the maple parts in the picture. It is designed to work on a chair or clamped to a workbench and rotated off the side 100 degrees.
  6. I like that design. I hope to try making one (I'm just starting leatherwork).
  7. I use two of these styles in woodworking: https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/search.aspx?find=spoke+shave
  8. I'm new to leathercraft and I plan to make some stuff like you have made. I know what you mean about an expensive wallet - I'm starting to buy tools for my first project.
  9. The blank is 1.95 mm thick but I plan on using a rotary knife and a curved blade knife to start. I got the quarter round blank more as a knife handle project without knowing how it might work with leather. I watched a video about knives for leather working and the recommendation for newbies is to use modern tech, a knife with a replacable disk for straight cuts and break-off blade knives or knives with replacable blades for curves.
  10. I found it on Ebay, it came from England and it seems to be good quality. It cost $38 including shipping (I noticed they raised the price). They have several versions including half round. This is the link to the listing on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Handmade-Skiving-tool-Damascus-Steel-Blade-Blank-Leather-Cutter-Blank-LB50/254143805337?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  11. I’ve been making knife handles for knife kits and I want to learn how to make sheaths for my knives. During my research I came across this forum and found it to have a lot of useful information so I’m joining to learn more about leather crafting. I’m already thinking about making other things such as pouches. I wonder what kind of a newbie project would be a good tutorial. I’ve been looking through several leather working supply web sites to evaluate my tool options, I’m trying to determine which tools are worth paying more than an average price. I have several hobbies and I appreciate good tools. I got a blank for a quarter round knife. I’ll make a handle for it, then I’ll use it to make a sheath for it – that’s the plan.
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