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  1. Hello, No, I don’t need a replacement machine. While I was waiting for the 4800 to arrive I got a deal on a Cobra Class 4 that I couldn’t pass up so I’ve been using it a bit although I need to figure out how to set the timing on it. I decided to sell the 4800 since I could list it as brand new/never used. I have been tempted to try it out because the YouTube video reviews are very positive and I am really interested in the Electronic needle positioning system. I originally chose the 4800 because it can sew heavier thread than the Cobra Class 26/Techsew 2750 and it came with the new style aluminum platform table. Let me know if I can answer any additional questions you may have. Thanks You, Jim
  2. Hi Georgia, I sent you a private message. Thank You,Jim
  3. Hi, Sorry I didn’t clarify- this is for local pickup only. Thank You, Jim
  4. Techsew 4800 Pro. Brand new , purchased from Techsew a couple of months ago and never used - a used machine unexpectedly became available to me. Since I don’t need two machines- the Techsew is for sale. This machine is loaded with all the options including the new aluminum table platform. It has the needle positioning system and all the accessories listed on the Techsew site for the 4800 Pro Model and an extra spool of 138 thread. It currently lists for $3450 plus shipping. price- $2800.
  5. Excellent advice. I did some searching of more budget leathers and paid attention to how they are sold (sq.ft.) and It’s clear I can get by much cheaper. This is key advice for someone like me just starting out. I ordered some more budget friendly leather - we’ll see how that works out. Never tried chrome tan - I just like the look and feel of veg tan. thanks everyone for the replies and advise.
  6. Thanks for the replies and advice. I don’t mind the upfront costs for tools and machinery - it’s the ongoing cost of the raw material- Leather. As mentioned , there are better ways to buy leather than what I have been doing - mainly for convenience. Thanks again.
  7. I’ve only been doing leather work for about a year but have come to the conclusion that this is an expensive hobby- at least the way I’ve been approaching it. I really admire the talented craftsmen that post on this site and aspire to get close to that level of work. I made a few wallets and belts - all as gifts - and found that the leather became pretty costly. I used Herman Oak precut blanks doubled up and hand sewn and the belts probably cost me $35 each with the hardware included. The wallets weren’t bad expense wise but I did a bag and wound up spending another big chunk of change. I suspect there are much more economical ways to make these projects- I would certainly like to hear any suggestions. I was a woodturner prior to trying leather and I guess I was spoiled with the free wood. I enjoy leather but I am wondering about the long term since leather (and everything else) is getting more expensive. Do most leather crafters rely on selling some products just to finance the hobby?
  8. Hello, I'll take these if they are still available. Thank You, Jim
  9. That would be great. I actually live in Temecula so I can get to San Diego easily- I go a couple of times a week.I 'm flexible time wise to come see it-let me know. Can you send me a personal email so I can arrange a time? Thank You, Jim
  10. Hello,I am interested in the Cobra Class 4. I live in Temecula. Thank You Jim
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