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  1. Thanks. I thought you were talking about switching the wires at the motor terminals and I thought, that won’t help. The motor is AC , not DC. Turns out, to my surprise, there is a switch on the back of the servo that reverses it and solved the problem.
  2. Not the sharpening stone. The feed stone turns the wrong way and pushes material away instead of pulling it to the bell knife.
  3. Just bought a Consew Bell Skiver on Amazon. First, it was shipped minus the table and no assembly instructions. I got them to ship the table a few days later. I figured out the assembly with the help of a few You Tube videos. I had to chase down a new belt because the one they sent was a mile too long and in the wrong sleeve. It’s all together now, but the feed stone turns the wrong way. It spins away from the knife instead of towards the knife. The ribbon belt that runs under the unit was already installed. Do I need to figure out how to reroute it?
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