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  1. Thank you both for your reply to my question, this helps me a lot.
  2. Best one I could find, this was made in Mexico I think
  3. I have seen a few saddles with swell forks that were sewn without welts. There is a seam and these are not fitted covers without welts. These seem to hold well. Does anyone have experience with this method, and if so, would you explain the technique. Also any comments why this method would not be satisfactory. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your return. I just posted again as I am new and got lost in all details.
  5. I had a Hamley saddle in 1981 3/4 single rig. The front rigging leather was run through the brass o-ring, lapped under and laced with the three point configuration. The single thickness was screwed to the bar around the swell. Where on the side of skirting leather do you think they cut these riggings? The single thickness proved to be quite durable and strong with heavy roping and I used it for 25 years.
  6. I had a Hamley saddle in 1981 that was single 3/4 rig. The front rigging leather was lapped through the o-ring about 4 inches and laced back to the top with the three-hole configuration. There was a single layer of leather screwed to the top of the bar at the swell instead of double thickness that is skived to fit. What part of the hide do you suppose they cut this piece from?
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