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  1. ..... that is a beautiful piece of "artwork" ..... please let it be cinched down onto a good horse that works at the same level.
  2. A “true seeker” will never stop searching. Enjoy your new journey......
  3. Hi there, Mulesaw .... If your wife’s horse heard me sing; we would really have a wreck on our hands !!! Not a doubt, that behind that singing was a calm, quiet, good hearted person. I am sure that the big horse sensed the safety that was found in the lady farrier working about it .... Yes, I do agree .... an abundance of wisdom and talent found within these pages .... Thank You for the “welcome note”.
  4. I have stumbled upon this site numerous times in past wanderings in the internet world.... and now have requested to mingle amongst you. The equine world is where I come from, raised with them in the pasture for over sixty years .... the last 45 of that as a farrier. Recently acquired a tack room full of nice saddles and harness. A dear friend had passed away a year and a half ago and just in the past month or so, the family was ready to deal with the great accumulation of fine items that 80 plus years allows a person. Don was successful in anything that he touched, along with being a wise man and a good study. Although, I paid a fair amount for some good cutting horse saddles; I was “gifted” eight “oldies”. I know that Don’s intentions were to have these saddles rebuilt and restored so that folks could merely sit about with a nice glass of wine and enjoy the hard work and art that had been created in times past. I have a huge project before me .... at a time when I am slowing down with my farrier work; it looks like I’ll merely step into another canoe to paddle further up this river called life. In the weeks and months to come; I hope to post pictures of these old saddles and get some information and guidance about bringing them back to life. Thank you in advance for their sharing of so much gathered wisdom ....
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