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  1. adler 30-10 servo motor and speed reducer. works prefect, pick only in Hemet, CA in the Riverside county $1500 or best offer.
  2. nevermind, listing photo did't upload here's the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adler-Sewing-Machine-30-10-Leather-Shoe-Repair-LONG-ARM-Industrial-Cobbler-motor/124561164426?epid=8044109180&hash=item1d006c888a:g:KcMAAOSwkDBgHadx
  3. I wasn't allowed to upload a third photo (No Subject) (1).eml
  4. I am relisting to add photos and more info, as you can see the machine has a speed reducer, and will also include a servo motor (you install) new in the box
  5. im located in county of riverside, between moreno valley and palm springs
  6. in excellent working condition, check ebay price, prefer local pick up
  7. excellent condition, it wasn't picking up the bobbin thread but it's now working great, I can include a 50 RPM gear motor that I was going to convert with, no table included
  8. everything that's originally included with the premium package
  9. thank you so much, I will upload pics, and I will double check items you mentioned, thanks again
  10. this machine is not picking up bobbin thread. I tried adjusting the timing per manual, but no luck, please help...let me know what your rate is
  11. I inherited this machine but it's not picking up the bobbin thread, I need someone who can get it working, please be somewhat local
  12. used a couple of hrs but realized it's too much for my hobby, taking offers. I can't ship so local pick up in Hemet, CA riverside county
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