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  1. new, never used, can't find the flatbed or the suspended guide
  2. North mount, what is a fair price for this Machine? Thanks
  3. Can someone tell me what a reasonable price for this machine, thanks
  4. I have techsew 5100 special edition
  5. Anyone looking for a techsew 5100 special edition, brand nea
  6. Can't post more photos but if you folks are interested, I can email you photos
  7. adler 30-10 servo motor and speed reducer. works prefect, pick only in Hemet, CA in the Riverside county $1500 or best offer.
  8. nevermind, listing photo did't upload here's the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adler-Sewing-Machine-30-10-Leather-Shoe-Repair-LONG-ARM-Industrial-Cobbler-motor/124561164426?epid=8044109180&hash=item1d006c888a:g:KcMAAOSwkDBgHadx
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