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  1. Usmcfire317

    Wine Tote Bag

    Thanks for the hint for photo resizing.....I'll get it down sooner or later. The leather, not exactly sure what it is. I got it from Tandy, in a store. One of those things, around 30 sq ft but only $40. Figured it would be a good practice piece if anything. I'll try to ID it and let you know.
  2. Usmcfire317

    Wine Tote Bag

    Thanks for everyone's help. I re posted this in Critique My Work filed under Double Tote Wine Bag. https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/95930-double-wine-tote-bag/
  3. Usmcfire317

    Wine Tote Bag

    Thank you. I have a piece of leather that was sewn in to prevent the bottle clanking. Wanted to add more pictures but went over the size limit. Guess I will have to reduce them even more.
  4. Usmcfire317

    Wine Tote Bag

    Can anyone suggest how to post a picture and have it come up automatically without having to download file? Thank you.
  5. Usmcfire317

    Wine Tote Bag

    Wine Tote Bag I made for the Father in Law. I'm new to leather work (about 4 months) please let me know what you think and any suggestions to make it better. wine tote 3.jfif wine tote 4.jfif Wine tote.jfif wine tote1.jfif
  6. Thank you. I realized that but could not figure out to delete the post. I'll try again.
  7. Constructive criticism welcome. I have a whole 3 months experience. Enjoying trying to make my projects better.
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