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  1. Just mainly sheaths and wallets with some holsters in the mix.
  2. So is the round dent better than what they call the pricking ? Do they come out of the leather pretty easy ?
  3. All those are pricking irons not chisels , I got a set of pricking and they don’t do well in thicker leather.
  4. Well I ordered a set from Springfield and got them today and I guess I was thinking that they might be just a little bigger , they look like they were made for kids or something so I’m sending them back. what are some good ones that I can get because I’ve looked and looked and it seems hard to find any that are in stock. I don’t mind spend some cash on them if need be , tried finding some Kevin Lee but only can find 20 teeth and I don’t really what that many. Any advise would be great on where to find some good quality ones.
  5. Anyone used these ? I don’t do a ton of leather work but looking for something fairly good
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