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  1. Hello all I've been looking out for a double needle, narrow gauge machine for a while and what do you know one pops up out of the blue in the local ads! It's a sunstar, needle feed machine, missing one of the hook plates but apparently in good nick. I know nothing about this brand, is it in anyway reliable? Can parts be had? Even though it's cheap (350€) I'm wary of a false economy. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster. What a great forum! I have a durkopp 212 needle feed which has play in the needle bar. I've searched long and hard for an eccentric screw etc. to no avail. Would a good first step be to change the needle bar? Or could the problem stem from a worn bearing? The stitch quality is still very good but I'd like this machine to be back on top form again! Thanks
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