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  1. This one gives you a lot out of a little.

    A fit in the hand sized card wallet, with two card slots on the one side, a mid pocket to fit some cash or more cards, and a coin pocket on the other with a Brass Snap to keep those coins safe.

    Fits nicely in a front pocket, made from 6oz Spanish veg tanned leather, and sewn together using high quality waxed thread so it will never come apart.

    The wallets are made from cut to stich completely by hand, the edges are all hand burnished, then coated with a clear sealant and polished.

    Attention to detail means everything., so I really hope I am getting better at our craft ))



  2. On 3/20/2020 at 2:35 PM, Brian3202 said:


    I’m very new to the leathercraft hobby and am looking to make watch straps for myself. Could anyone point me in the direction of anyone selling watch strap templates, some of the straps I wish to make have concave arcs so it’s a little more difficult than two parallel cuts. 
    I appreciate any help anyone can offer. 

    Hey There,

    Im like a year in, so pretty new also ) if you go to youtube, type in "watch strap pdf" a couple of videos down, there are a few tutorials that come along with the free pdf download you can use. I wouldnt use it for commercial purposes, maybe tweak it a little, but its good practice. For that matter, there are hundreds of free pdf´s you can download from youtube, Corter leather have some free templates, weaver leathercraft, make supply leather, all have some free templates you can use to practice .. hope this helps 

  3. Second post of mine) got some good feedback an criticism on my first post, taking it all in and trying to get better ) I love this site .



    A lot of utility in a little :)

    A Bi Fold wallet made with 6oz Calf Leather, has a very supple feel to the touch, but a thick and durable leather.

    The leather is Veg Tanned, and Oil treated, sourced here in Spain

    I make my wallets totally by hand, from cut to stitch and take pride in producing a quality product.


    * Slim design : 4.25” x 3.75 ( 11 cm x 9.5 cm),
    * Made with top grain Spanish calf leather
    * Can hold up 5+ cards ( with three designated slots), a coin pocket and cash comfortably
    * It’s a great gift for Wedding, corporate events and graduation.


    Any and all comments welcome, I really want to improve and make the best product I can. 





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