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  1. When I made mine I got a big old ss steal spoon laid the spring steal along it with one end halfway into the spoon part then melted lead shot in the spoon let it cure and it was the perfect shape.
  2. I have t used it on a hat but give wood weld contact cement a try. I use it on leather and when cured you can’t get it off even with a knife
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Those are snap rivets I found in the clearance bin at tandy leather. I wore it for 2 weeks before I put it out there they’ve held up pretty good. I’ve since switched to hand hammered copper rivets. Gives it a more rustic look and I don’t worry about them popping off I’m lucky enough to live in a town with a covered bridge. There’s some great old condemned factory’s to
  4. Thank you that was my first one and the curves were trying but ive made a few more just need to exercise my patience. i used a catalpa tree leaf for the shape wanted to carve all the lines in but wasnt in the cards lol
  5. Hello everyone my name is Nick. I live in Massachusetts.before you ask, no not Boston. Our town is tiny and has more trees than people thank the good lord. I’ve been making things for a few years. I look forward to learning from everyone
  6. Folder sheath. Tons of fun to make got the shape from a catalpa leaf
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