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  1. This is actually kinda clever - might use it if I can't find my rubber glove fingers!
  2. Hey there, So, I don't know about you all, but I can only make so many wallets and cardholders before it gets stale. I was just wondering what folks on here have as their top three leather project ideas that they like to make. Would be very interested in possibly making some of the suggestions (especially if you have a pattern handy)!
  3. Interesting! I'll have to look into the difference between California Latigo and other latigo leathers. Thanks for the information! Do you have any tips for working with latigo? Do you need to apply any conditioner or anything after the bag is finished, or is it pretty much ready to go when you're done? I'm guessing that not all leather suppliers finish the flesh sides of their latigo leathers?
  4. Thanks for this, but there was a reason I chose to post on the forum. The information out there isn't quite specific enough to makers' experiences. Wow, those pieces look great! Do you find that it's easier or harder to cut into latigo than veg tan? What makes you choose latigo over other kinds of leather for your pieces?
  5. Hey all, I'm trying to get some more information about latigo leather, such as use cases, history of the leather process (if anyone knows), and any general trivia that people might know. Thanks so much for your help!
  6. I recently acquired a Bob Douglas awl haft and blade, and I must say - the awl haft is brilliant. I was dreading installing the blade in the haft on account of not having a vise to hold the blade between two pennies nor having experience with working with epoxy to stick the blade in. To install the blade into the Bob Douglas haft, you simply unscrew the ferrule nut, insert the blade, then tighten the nut. It self-centers, and it's brilliantly simple to swap between blades. Truly a work of functional art.
  7. This looks amazing!!! How long did it take? If you’re a hobbyist and not looking to depend on it to support you, I’d actually price it higher (maybe somewhere between $100-$150?) since you’re not in a rush to sell. I could be way off on that though - just my 2c.
  8. Hmm okay! The maker said that using a maul might damage it, so I was worried about that - thanks!
  9. Ah, I’ve already got some sales, so hopefully it keeps up!
  10. I’m a bit cramped for space, so I won’t be able to get that big of a press. Will look into some smaller arbor presses though! Thanks, PastorBob! I think that wood tip is handy - I’ll keep that in mind. Hm, I think I’d have trouble keep the stamp in place - any suggestions for that?
  11. Great! I think that C clamp tip will be handy.
  12. Tbh this is a great suggestion: applying the electrical tape on my Kleins now!
  13. Thanks @koshkimishki! Yeah, they are. With the polishing touches that @MtlBiker suggested above, I’d probably price this on Etsy at $60, which I think is reasonable in comparison to the mass-produced cases that Apple sells.
  14. Nah definitely, this was the first one I ever made, and it’ll be staying with me at home. Just wanted to see how the pattern fit! Thanks for the recommendations. Hey PastorBob, thanks so much for the encouraging words! That’s an awesome suggestion - I only have one of these (since it was ordered as a mistake), so I haven’t really explored the best practices on how to craft around it. I’ll make sure to try that out tonight! Thanks again for the information, it was very helpful!
  15. I actually use a pair of Kleins (I think they're formally called lineman's pliers) that does the trick beautifully and easily, thanks to the heavy weight of the tool.
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