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  1. For those of you who have information on this subject is there any actual difference between a champion and a landis 5 in 1 or are they basically the same machine? Thanks ahead
  2. After being a cop for years I do not plan to carry anything on my belt lol
  3. I’d definitely be open to both with the right design but for sure treating myself first
  4. The old men all used to wear hip belts. But those men now walk with limps on that side. I bought this pattern and built it but it was a little small for my liking. Looking something along the lines of this but maybe a little bigger. Also open to something along the lines of the “tuff-tote” line by ideal
  5. Well my daily carry tools are all electrical, various screw and nut drivers and various pliers a tape measure and expanding ruler
  6. Can anyone point me in the way of tool items. Tool bags and the likes. Would like to see what some have made and what some have planned to make. Looking for creative help. I’m tore between a hip pouch and a carry along leather tool bag. I’m leaning towards the carry along. I see some have templates for sale across the web but none are quite the right size I’m looking for. All input welcome!! Thanks ahead!!
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