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  1. I,m new here and may have posted this elsewhere also. Mike, are you saying you have access to Copperhead snakes (skins).  I am in need of a couple now and a source ongoing.

    1. 1961Mike



      A lady I work with kills quite a few.  She (and hubby) live in the woods, and raise hunting dogs as a sideline.  They're all dormant now anyway.  I lucked into this, and wouldn't be using them at all otherwise.  When I get them, they have no head and are frozen solid.

      I'm in Oklahoma, where are you?  Somehow shipping those might be too interesting.


  2. Are you saying you have access to Copperhead snake skins? I'm looking for a couple now and an ongoing source for them.
  3. I have a need for a couple of Copperhead snake skins. Would you have or know of a resource for them. I use Western Diamondback rattlers and have found a source for them , but they don't deal with Copperheads. Thanks.
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