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  1. Hello. I recently inherited an old 1953 Singer 66K. The machine is in wonderful working order. I am in the market for a machine to see my tooled wallets, belts, book covers, sheaths and consealed pancake style holsters. I am wondering if the Singer that I have would sew the lighter stuff like the wallet interiors? Mostly 2 layers of 2-3 oz veg tan for the interiors. Will the Singer 66 handle this and if so, what size needles and thread? Next question is, what machine would be best to sew the rest of my products on? I mostly use veg tan and I would love to be able to sew from say 6oz or so up to about 3/8 of an inch of firm veg tan. I have been looking at the Cowboy 341 to accomplish this. Any input is appreciated! Thanks
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