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  1. Speaking from my own experience, I would like to advise you to use lacquer thinners to wipe the wallet down (make sure to wipe thoroughly). Bear in mind that this process might have some of the dye of your leather. Then, in order to give the leather it's original finish, re-dye the leather with the original dye that was used on it. P.S you might want to give your leather some NFO, this will bring your leather additional roundness and fullness.
  2. For the past year, I've been playing around with Sheridan style carving. Indeed, this style of carving is rather ambitious but I'm getting more familiar with it and creating some pretty nice pieces. That being said, I feel as if my swivel knife is holding me back from progressing further with my works. I'm currently using an old Tandy craftool knife and looking for an upgrade. I've been looking online for a good, reasonably priced blade and I'm currently considering the Barry King knife and the higher-priced Leather Wranglers SK-B brass swivel knife. I wanted to ask if the SK-B brass's 135$ price tag is justified or should I go with the budget friendly Barry King knife?
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