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  1. Yeah, given the lack of information about painting on chrome tanned leather I thought that might be the case. Fortunately, I'm not doing intricate carvings, but more along the lines of pin striping and that is working just fine. I just won't be able to highlight these like I wanted. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated.
  2. New leatherworker and I am making some guitar straps for friends and family. My plan is to carve designs into the leather and if possible use paint to make them standout more...which is why we use paint... Anyway, the leather is oil treated chrom tanned leather (Tandy Leather's "Stoned Oil Sides"), will acrylic paint, which is the only paying I've found for leather, bind with the chrome tanned leather or am I going to have to do with plain carvings without color? Thank you for the shared knowledge.
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