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  1. What about making a decent mark in veg tan leather, like Horween Essex or Dublin?
  2. I'm relatively new to leatherworking, all self-taught and internet-taught, and I would like to attend a trade show to learn more about what's out there -- techniques, machines, tools, etc. -- with the intent of launching a small batch leather bag business. What trade shows do you recommend? Preferably not shows targeted only at hobbyists (if such shows exist) because I want to learn about options for scaling up production in the future. Obviously everything has been paused since the pandemic, but once things do start up again, which shows should I watch for in the Northeastern USA?
  3. I am pretty new to leatherwork, making bags and purses using only veg tan, mostly Horween Essex and Dublin. I want to add my logo to my projects, and I plan to get a custom metal stamp to do this. I expect my logo to be pretty small, like maybe an inch square, maximum. I looked through the forums but couldn't find the answers I'm looking for -- feel free to direct me to any relevant posts that I overlooked. 1) For the leathers I use, how would I choose between using a hot press machine or cold stamping? I know that a hot press machine also allows me to use foil, but that is not a concern right now, so is there an advantage to getting a hot press machine since it seems like the more expensive option? Will the mark look better using heat? Will a hot press make it look darkened like it's been branded? The look I'm going for is just a clean impression, with no color change if possible. 2) If I don't use a hot press machine, I think my non-heated options would be to wet the leather and then either use a mallet to hammer in the stamp or an arbor press to apply the force. Are there other options that I'm not aware of? 3) Depending on the answers to 1 & 2, is there a particular type of metal that I should get the stamp made out of? I think I've seen aluminum and brass mentioned...what do you recommend? I hope to use this stamp for a long time. 4) Depending on the answers to 1 & 2, what kind of backing shape should I look for on my stamp? Maybe a threaded screw sticking out the back, a flat back with a hole, or something else? I don't know what the options are, and I don't want to get the wrong thing for my needs. Thank you for any advice you can share. I had hoped to attend a trade show or two by this point in my leatherworking career, but with Covid, I've had to rely on the internet instead.
  4. I'm getting a used Juki LU-563 delivered next week and I want to order needles in advance for use with leather. Just want to be sure I understand: The main difference between 135x17 needles (which is what the Juki LU-563 manual says to use) and 135x16 is simply the point? So I should actually be ordering 135x16 needles for leather? I'm trying to avoid ordering the wrong kind of needle and having to return it. I have downloaded the leather needle point reference guides linked above; very helpful!
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