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  1. Hello everyone, I have a few machines for shoemaking that I am interested in selling. The mchines are: Cliker Press. Selo Attaching Machine. Buffering machine. Compressor with 80gl tank. Back moulding machine. Eyeletter. Flash (glue activator) Global edge folding machine. Heel nailing machine. I canprovide some pictures in case anyone is interested. Thank you so much. Dayan
  2. Hello Owe, I enjoyed very much your story about the Puritan. I am getting one and I was wondering what happened with your? Do you have any update? Thanks friend.
  3. Well understood. Thank you very much Constabulary. It will be a fun adventure for sure.
  4. Hello Constabulary, very helpful your documents. Thank you very much. So, it is a 52w100. I don't see many of this model around anymore. Would parts from a 52w21 or 52w22 work on this machine? Thanks again my friend.
  5. So far, I haven't been able to find anything.
  6. Thank you so much Chrisash.
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I have a question. We just bought a double needle post bed sewing machine and there is no plaque with model series number or anything. I saw a post from one of the members, that shows a machine just like mine but with a single needle. I am attaching some images below. Any help with where to find more information about this machine will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all. Dayan
  8. Hello there. I came across this post and found it very interesting because I just purchased what looks to be a Singer 51 but it is twin needle one. I have been looking for more information about this machine but there is none so far. Can anyone to know more about this very good looking machine? Thanks in advanced. Dayán
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