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  1. Thanks for your reply. I thought that I missed tension disc and re-threaded the machine and that didnt fix that also. I am gonna look tomorrow more thoroughly again on that.
  2. Hello everyone I am have an issue with my Adler 69-373. I've been using this machine for many years and suddenly it started messing up hook thread. I haven't changed anything still sewing with my 30 Mara thread on top and 50 Mara thread bottom. Checked the thread pass, all clear, replaced the needle didnt help. Checked the hook timing and set it again as in the Adlers manual - sometimes this problem happens sometimes it doesn't. P.S I always hold my threads before starting to stitch. Will appreciate any help with this issue. Thank you.
  3. I think I may have a small screw with a small excentric circle but it is really small. But still I can't understand how it should properly operate. If someone would have this machine with lifting set up pictures or video will be much appreciated. As for where my machine was made I have no idea Here is a badge
  4. Here I have attached a picture of what think it does. As far as I understood from 869 manuals it has a different approach to that movement.
  5. Thank you Uwe for replying ! I have a few adlers 69, and high post bed adler with 267 head and the feet stops flat on all 3 machines that's why i thought it should be standing flat which I found helpful for better material grip sewing heavy bags. At this point trusting your expert knowledge I will leave it like that On the feed dog attachment bracket there is a spring somewhere inside the mechanism that is locked with 2 screws and feed dog elliptic movement is canceled, it just moves forward/backward, this is how the machine came with binder installed. When 2 screws released the feed dog drops down a little and then it moves elliptically but just because the bottom metal part that feed dog touches (rubs) is eccentric. At the same time it makes metallic noises so I skipped this option.
  6. Hi, everyone. This is my first post here, this forum was a valuable source of information and first of all I would like to thank anyone who shared their experience here (sewing machine set up in my case). I recently acquired Durkopp Adler 269 from a vendor in Italy. Machine came with binder attachment (binder is made by SA PE in italy. If anyone seen feet for Pfaffs/Adlers where it is written "Made Italy" this is what they produce. I also found their catalogs of different accessories if someone needs I will post it here). I also ordered a kit for standard sewing operations (different feed dog and throat plate, binder throat plate is higher that standard). Machine stitches in that configuration however the presser foot is raised above feed dog at approx 4mm when stitch is completed. This setting is working well with binder and I guess this is how it should be, but I doesn't really work well with standard operations. I know that the head of the machine is basically a 267 and I found a manual that Uwe Grosse has posted previously (Uwe thank you) but I am really afraid to touch anything since there is no qualified mechanic in the area and I am afraid to make things worse I have included photo and a youtube link so you can see what I am talking about. If anyone knows how to handle it I would be very thankful. Here is youtube video I made https://youtu.be/nWMf4X4ExNo P.S. If anyone knows also how to engage/disengage properly elliptic feed dog movement of 269 machine that will also help me very much.
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