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  1. Thank ya'll. Got that number on post-it note.
  2. But I gotta say, he was the kindest most generous person I've come across lately.
  3. No doubt this machine was worked HARD. The thread guid on the needle rod has been welded back on and one linkage that moves the walking foot has been welded. So far the hardest thing to find are the "style U" bobbins. I found prewound all over epay, but no metal bobbins. Sailrite has similar spec bobbins, little smaller tho. Atlaslevy has "U" bobbins so I'll grab those. I stopped by the Sewing Machine Shop in Monroe and asked. He never heard of "U" bobbins in his 50+ years repair history. He ordered some that he thinks will work, fingers crossed. I didn't get ANYTHING I went after (bobbins, hinges, corner cushions), but did leave with two more machines.... A Singer 2491 D300A, table, motor, and a Jado Singer strap sewing machine complete with air. The Jado Singer is coooool... Mash the pedal and it sews the square with X automatically.
  4. Thank you for the manual and picture. My machine has a custom lid which excludes the push button. Looking inside, my machine does have the original lifting eccentric adjusting disc identical to the manual. Mine also has a custom linkage and arm on the outside which allows adjustment for the walking foot. I'd be safe to assume it had a pneumatic height adjuster to go with the pneumatic foot lift. There are shiny marks at max and at min depth inside the external adjuster slot, and no shiny marks in between. Just saw that the arm for the pneumatic foot lift is broken. I was hoping to get away with some aluminum angle, 316 threaded rod, and a couple jamb nuts... Nothing is ever simple.
  5. Hi all, I've searched high and low and found only one mention of the 211-A1121K at industrial sewing machines. Mine has an air foot lift and is missing the walking foot height adjustment and some other stuff I think. I am looking for any and all info on this machine. Parts/service/user anything.
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