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  1. Is natural color (white) delrin considered transparent? I read that diode laser cannot cut transparent acrylic, but I wouldn't have thought white was transparent. I bought two sheets of white delrin to test with, and my diode (5W) isn't even making a mark on them. 300mm/min at 100% power, and nothing. Maybe I should have bought black?
  2. @LatigoAmigo Thanks for this, it's perfect. I'm curious how he's cutting 10mm thick acrylic. I've just ordered some much thinner that I hope to engrave, cut, and then attach to something, probably a wooden dowel. His mod of adding the fan is very interesting. It might answer one thing that has been bugging me. I'll sometimes see cuts work very well on the bottom left, but on the top right, they seem to not go as well. I wonder if that has something to do with burn time and overheating? Will have to look at that. Plus his enclosure puts mine to shame. @PastorBob Thanks, but I have a FoxAlien LE-4040 Reiser. Something like that. I found the videos on making test patterns which has been very helpful. I suppose I'll just do the same on the acrylic. Thanks all
  3. I"ve seen a few things online where others are using lasers for leather stamps. Delrin seems to be the preferred acrylic. I don't know if my laser will do it or not, but I'll give it a go. I'm glad you mentioned templates. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I'll be trying that out too. I have just been using the laser to engrave, mark cut lines, and then actually cut out 1-2oz leather. The edges get burnt, but I'm cutting a few mm outside the marked cut lines as a seem allowance anyway, so the burnt edges go away. Working ok for the thin leather.
  4. I didn't see there was a 3D Printers and Lasers forum. I'll post this here. Does anyone use a laser engraver to make leather stamps? I know some have said they use 3D printers, but I only have an engraver. I've read about using a laser to cut acrylic stamps. If so, can you share some details? Power of your laser. Machine settings. Materials. etc? Thanks
  5. Hey all I bought s laser engraver and am figuring out how to engrave on leather. I’m engraving veg tan before any dying or finishing. Any thoughts on how I should finish it? I was thinking about dying it after the engraving, then using antique. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Ok, not officially the first. There were 2 others that were prototypes. This is the one that I will keep to use. There still are several changes I'd make if I think about selling them. This is not a "show off", but more of requesting some critical feedback. I'm still learning this whole leather thing. I'll point out the issues I see in it. It's made out of a random lot of 1oz Horween leather. There's an RFID cloth layer in between the outer layer and lining leather. It has a couple card pockets, a bigger pocket for folded money/receipts, the passport pocket, and a sleeve to help hold plane/train tickets. I'm going to try a thicker leather next time. The edges on the pockets were too flexible to burnish well. I used the same leather as a liner. It does not close very easy yet. Maybe it will loosen up over time. On one prototype I used a suede which worked out much better. I think the stitching is ok for the most part. I can see a few places where I pulled too hard and therefore it's uneven, and a few places where I didn't space them very well (like corners and going over pockets). There's a 2" section I did not sand the edge enough, and it's not flush. I'll try to sand it more to fix it later. Finally, the sleeve flap probably does not have enough room to actually fit a ticket, but it can be used for anything. Next time I'll probably just not include it. Any thoughts/pointers?
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