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  1. just got a Consew 206rb3 and it didn't come with any needles or thread. i'm going to be using the machine to sew belts, wallets and tool pouches. when hand stitching I usually do .8 ritza tiger thread. What would be the best needle thread combo. thanks in advance for any help.
  2. not all of it. the copper rivets are US made
  3. tons of stamp makers out there. the ones listed above are good options. for brass i went with buckeye engraving and delrin i went with turner laserworks. you could also look for engraving services or CNC machine shops in your local area. many people suggest over seas makers, while they may be slightly cheaper, but turn around for US made product is much faster and it's not much more money to support a local/US maker.
  4. Sorry to unearth an old thread but I’m looking at getting a restored 45k69 and was wondering if the stitch length can be adjusted? I see where it says “up to 1/4”. Can it be made shorter?
  5. Figured I wasn’t the only one with that thought.
  6. Ok makes sense about the torque loss. My thought was if you could slow the RPM’s down it would be easier to feather the clutch motor to a more manageable speed.
  7. They make single phase in/out vfd. Thank you for your help.
  8. https://www.chicagoscrews.com/ You can get them without a driver slot there. also to keep the from backing out use loctite or similar thread locker. they have make both removable and non removable.
  9. Just got my first sewing machine, Consew 206-RB 3, and it has a clutch motor. I see many folks installing servo motors with a speed reducing pulley. Being an electrician my first thought was to just put a VFD (variable frequency drive) on the current clutch motor. has any one done this? its essentially the same thing as the servo motor but i think it would eliminate the need for a reducing pulley.
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