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    Old sewing workhorses ( Machines) , Singer , Adler,Claes,Dürkopp enz .

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    Sewing Rucksacks, Bags & doing repairs .
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    Searching for info about the Singer 132K ( 6 ) machine

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  1. Thanks for explaining! Tuesday the rolls of thread will arrive. The Glazed Thread will arrive. I'm very curious this time , curious about how it feels / looks and the strength. And how large these rolls are .
  2. When this thread is ( maybe ) waxed , why should i wax it again . On my 45k89 is a huge waxe pot . So I this machine can handle waxed thread ... i think ! "Glaze or mercerised, but not Bonded" . What do you mean with bonded ? The machines i use for sewing are 132k6 ,132ksv18 and a 45k89 ( with waxe pot on top )
  3. Look at what's mentioned in the printscreen . Z Twist . One page back you see a picture of the label .
  4. This is what i found on the internet . It also seems to be that a type IV and V are shoe threads . Type 1, 2 and III Machine threads. Look at the picture for info about a A.A. 52094A version . Does that mean that a type V can't be used in my Singer 132K versions or 45k89 ? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.amefird.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/8-30-11-A-A-52094A-Spun-Cotton-Shoes.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiehdSztMzwAhVj8-AKHQ2RAlkQFjAAegQIAxAC&usg=AOvVaw2Qz6Ypu8NOvHjUbAppoOqy
  5. I ordered 3 rolls instead of all 12 . Let's say it's Cotton thread in this type i asked questions about . For what kind of sewing work can you use that thread ? See label and Nsn 10 € a roll = cheap or expensive?
  6. For as far i know it's a Cotton Z- Twist size 8 thread. I
  7. Help needed with this thread type . I can buy these voor 10 € a piece. It's a type of thread coming from the Dutch Army . Probably a ( Specal ) Cotton thread . Is it worth the money and what can you Sew with this thread?
  8. Machine is in a nice condition . This because they are built like a Abraham's and had probably no hard working live . I bought a massive oak tabletop ( 1000x600x40mm ) . I also put an extra arm underneath for support. But i think that it's not necessary haha . I paid +- 50 € for this machine . Not included the gasoline that was needed for the pick-up .
  9. Thanks for the reply! I searched for the 45k93 model looks and indeed my 45k89 looks the same . The Farmer told me that he bought this machine as a roller-foot version . So I believe that before he bought it somebody removed the parts that were necessery for a walkingfoot type to turn it in a Roller-foot version . Question ! Why turn it i a roller-foot. What are the benefits? It never stood in the rain haha . The seller ( farmer ) put it outside the Barn so we cut pick it up when nobody at home . Eventtuell he was at home and helped with dragging the 45k89 to the Car . A heavy Pfaff Cast iron machine base made almost impossible to do this alone or with my Wife as helper. The machine is in working order and after more cleaning and some polishing it will Sewing even better .
  10. Does someone know if there's something missing on my machine There so many different 45K(89) versions that it's possible nothing is missing But for now is a question!
  11. This Singer 45K89 stood for 18 years in a barn . The Farmer ( has Horses and Cows) used it for repairs . Nothing moved when i tried to turn the large wheel . I paid a small amount of € for this machine . Now a few days later the machine is running en stitching. Not perfect because some parts need to be cleaned and polished . When i look at pictures on the internet than i get confused! It looks that there are some parts missing! Or not ? Look at the pictures what i mean . My machine has a roller-foot and no extra tension on top . Only that what you see in the first two pics . Picture 3 shows what i see on a lot of 45k machines . Picture 4 shows the machine outside the farmers barn ready for pick-up. The Kobold motor runs smooth, but also needs a cleaning and adjustments.
  12. No not sharp at all . Probably another reason why it's designed that way .
  13. The quality of Singer Needles is ? The 132ksv18 came with a bunch of Schmetz needles. The Old man didn't want anything else . Is Singer still today producing Industrial needles ?
  14. Thanks for explaining and the no worries. But ! ... i didn't worry haha . This because it is sewing oké. So because of a certain needle tip they choose probably a 216 - 3 type instead a 1 or 2 as ISMACS is mentioning for a 132k ( 6 ) version .
  15. Some parts of the X on the box are worn off . I looked at maybe 30 needles and they all were showing a K Y . Not an X .
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