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  1. I really appreciate the compliments and all the input! When I made these, I do so by using 2 layers of 4oz leather for the front and back. I've had holsters in the past that were made with 8-9 oz. leather and the inside was always really rough.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback! It was my understanding that by adding the reinforcement section, it adds rigidity to the ejection port area for retention. While this is my first entry into the holster realm, I was pleased with how they turned out. I recently added a new optic to my Sig, so I'm going to have to make another holster for it. I do plan on correcting the grip clearance. I incorporated a 20-degree cant on these. Is there a better/more comfortable angle I should consider?
  3. I have to admit that after monkeying around with wallets, notebook/journal covers and leather trinkets, I was still intimidated by the idea of making my own holster. I think they turned out okay. I'm still learning and I hope that I'll improve along the way. Here are the 2 holsters that I've made so far. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I do have a question regarding the belt slots. I've seen canted holsters where a belt slot is angled and some that are parallel to each other. Is one way better than the other? Is it an aesthetics thing? Am I wrong in believing that the angled slot offers more stability? Thanks!
  4. For sale are some lightly used Crimson Hides Japanese Style pricking irons. They are 3.85mm spacing / 7 spi. You will get the 2, 5, and 9 prong irons. They are made from DC52 steel with diamond-shaped teeth. They are fantastic irons, but I don't use them much because I prefer a larger stitch. Selling for $175 shipped. I will ship to anywhere in the continental U.S. Thanks!
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