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  1. HI Everyone just starting out on a leather crafting journey. waiting for my tools and leather and supplies to arrive so i the meantime i decided to do a bit of a renovation on this old Swiss military bag, be interested in any comments, suggestions or other. https://youtu.be/BuUGdDJ_q54
  2. yes of course you are right, but id quite like to give it a nice shene not sure what atom wax is, a local to you product id guess, would beeswax do the same ?
  3. Hi everyone my first time here, I’m just starting out as a leather crafter . I started with this old Swiss military bag I’ve had for years which was dry and hard , I’ve cleaned it and oiled it and now it is softer but I just can’t get a shine on the leather , what top coat would really make it pop ? Thanks
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