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  1. Good cleaning was necessary. Around the bobbin was thick paste of oil and dust. I found the safety clutch spring missing. I’ll try to order it. However if I understand correctly it is more inconvenience than necessity as I can just reset it with screwdriver. I have got one bigger issue though. I found that it turns nicely but at one point it gets “sticky”. I identified it while timing the machine. Problem is the gear that turns bobbin. It seems to get a bit stuck when set screws point to small gear on bobbin assembly. When I tighten two bolts that hold bobbin assembly, it can get really stuck. The gear also doesn’t want to slide when I loosen the screws, and needed some encouragement with wrench and hammer. I set it up correctly, but I cannot tighten the bobbin assembly even slightly. I made sure not to over tighten anything. All else seems to be fine. I set up everything as Uwe shows in his videos (many, many thanks). Only thing left is the bobbin gears. Maybe washer to keep it higher? Any tips? Thanks and have a nice day
  2. Thank you very much. I want to try clutch motor, just to value servo later. I did get 3 phase to my home office while renovating the apartment, so I only need electrician to connect the plug. And I need to do this either way. But yeah, I'll probably just order servo right now as well. Going to give it some cleaning, oiling and general love and hopefully it'll run. One more thanks, and have a nice Easter.
  3. Hello everyone, I was looking for something that can sew heavier stuff (canvas, leather) than my Pfaff 230 and stumbled on Juki lu-563. The price was approx. 120 USD, so I did not ask questions, hopped in the van and took it home. I was mentally prepared for a lot of elbow grease, but it seems to be in better condition than I hoped. It has original 3 phase motor, that should be working. I don't have 3 phase in the office yet, so we'll see once electrician comes. Worst case I just buy 230 servo (I live in Europe). According to seller, machine wasn't used in past 20 years. Once I seen the inside I am not sure if I want to disassemble it as it might just need a bit of brush and oil. When turned by hand, timing and everything seems fine. It gets a bit sticky when needle goes up (motor belt disconnected). Are there any spots to take better look at with 563? Or would you recommend to disassemble the machine completely? I am not afraid of it, but truth be told I only worked on Pfaff 230. In manual, it is mentioned that 563 has automatic lubrication for sewing hook components. However it seems I am missing the oil reservoir. Will I get away with just oiling it like you should 562? Paint on machine bed is flaking a bit. I don't mind aesthetics but it makes hard edges and I would prefer smooth surface. Paint job is quite thick. Did anyone had any luck with restoration? Maybe chemically stripping the paint from the bed and repainting it? Or taking sandpaper and trying to smooth the edges? There is some part in the parts bin that I can not identify. Any suggestions? Any other tips on the machine are much appreciated. Or any tips regarding triple feed sewing really. Have a good day, Marek
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