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  1. Do you have an opinion on thickness? I have an 8-10 oz veg cut to size currently. The corner leather piece is the way I was planning on going, I was just thinking if I could find some big corner pieces similar to those that go on bags it would weigh it down to help encourage the pad to lay flat. But maybe the extra leather is enough in itself?
  2. Hello everyone, I’m somewhat new to to leather and have not figured out what to use when and when not to use what, whether it be different types of leather or finishes. I would like to make a 28”x20 desk pad for paperwork in my business and just had a few questions. What leather would be best between veg tan and oil tan? -What is the best way to get the leather to lay flat on the desk especially on the corners? -What would be the best top coat? Does oil tan need to be top coated? The leather will be stained if veg tan is used. The pad will have important documents on periodically so clean no rub off is necessary. -Do they make a metal decorative corner piece that would go a couple inches on each side of the corner? - Will writing on paper transfer onto leather after finish is applied? Thank you for any and all help
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