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  1. 12 hours ago, mike02130 said:

    In my experience with metal, especially smooth items like chrome, the chrome needs to be sanded so the glue can adhere.  I'm guessing the issue isn't with the glue sticking to the leather, rather, it's not sticking to the chrome.   Before messing up your chrome, I would try smearing some silicone caulk on the leather and smoosh it down.  Try it on a scrap piece of leather first.  Shouldn't damage the chrome.

    You are absolutely correct about the adhesive not sticking to the Chrome, but sticking to the leather instead. Most recommend roughing the chrome, just a bit. Not necessarily scouring it off, but maybe using some ajax or comet and maybe some steel wool or sand paper. I'm cool with that to a point. I just need to make sure that I don't end up with exposed 'jacked up' chrome and it actually stays covered with the leather laminate inlay.

    I've actually been looking at a 3m 08090 Super Yellow adhesive spray. It seems to get good reviews for exterior automotive trim (was looking at caulking type automotive/marine grade trim adhesives when I ran across it), so should take the rain and sun. A few reviewers / questions (Amazon) discussed it's use on leather with positive results. Specifically discussed being able to lift and reposition the leather before it dries.  There was conflicting information on the drying time though. I read 1 minute at one point (not enough time for me), and 20+ at another. I need to research it a bit more.

    Has anyone here any experience with that stuff?

    2 hours ago, 327fed said:

    How bout some Indian Head gasket shellac or RTV gasket maker? Messy - have to use sparingly.

    I'm pretty sure the RTV is a no go. I've never heard of the shellac you mentioned, but will definitely research it.

  2. 3 hours ago, toxo said:

    You're making problems where there are none. Use contact cement especially around the edges. Use whatever to align, bolts/cocktail sticks through holes. if really finicky use some pieces of slippery stuff between the glued parts that you can pull out as and when. The fuel/water protection is down to what you put on afterrward. Good luck and don't forget to show us pictures.

    Thanks, but sorry, this is not an acceptable answer. Contact cement does not allow the needed working time, and using 'whatever' to align the holes des not work either.

    I appreciate the input, but it just won't work for me.

  3. Hello all....


    I'm not a leather worker. I'm just trying to adhere pig skin inlays that I had cut to fit a chrome dash on my old Harley.

    I had two sets made, and am down to one, as the first has done a poor job of "staying stuck".

    I want a bit of adjustment time, to get the holes for the dash mounting screws lined up right and such, which is a main reason I have not used a contact cement or double sided tape. From all I have read, they are a "stuck once it touches" kind of affair. I just don't have that kind of eye/hand coordination. 

    I used a loc-tite flexible glue that stated it was good for leather and metal. Applied to both sides after cleaning the chrome dash. Let set for just a bit then lightly clamped with c-clamps and the metal templates, originally used to cut the pig skin inlays out, to keep everything touching while the glue set up. Was probably a week before I finished some maintenance, service, and repairs, and remounted the dash before giving the sled a wash before firing her up.

    As I washed, the inlays slowly began loosing adherence to the chrome and came up in a number of places.


    So,.... what should I use as I make another attempt with my last set of inlays?

    Must adhere pigskin to chrome.

    Must offer 10-20 minutes working time (from start of application to leather/dash to finish getting positioned).

    Must hold up to temp changes and the occasional washing. It will likely see a drop of fuel on the dash occasionally, as it surrounds the fuel filler on the tank.


    Thank you all, in advance.



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