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  1. Acrylic paints for fabric give the best results. In my opinion of all the acrylic paints that I've tried, Artistro is the best: https://artistro.com/ Their acrylic markers are great too. I've used them not only on leather, but on glassware and on wood as well To finish leather, it’s better to use a specialized elastic fixative. But good acrylic paint is durable enough. So, you can decide by yourself whether to use it or not. In any case, the paint will wear off over time. The main thing is to wear and clean leather carefully.
  2. Looks nice! Excellent detail work
  3. Great idea! I would go to the street and to the store wearing this
  4. Wow, masterpiece! This is the real art
  5. Very nice! How did you dye the tracery and the name? What kind of paint did you use?
  6. Looks very clean and well executed!
  7. Great result for a beginner, I really like it!
  8. Looks very cool. You have an amazing style!
  9. That's so cool! I love your colours. Now you have the most stylish halmet in the world
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