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  1. Hi all, I am having a hard time finding someone on the East Coast to replace the horn covering on a metal saddle horn. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Saddle currently in NJ, while I visit my son. If anyone has any ideas about the saddles origination manufacturer or maker that would be great too. I referred to the white stitching when describing it to an old timer and he said that isn't buckstiching.??? If it isn't buckstiching as he stated, what kind of stich is it? Any ideas, he thought it might be a Chinese made saddle. I remain clueless about this because I bought it at auction and have no idea about the history, but want to restore it. Thanks JJ
  2. Thank you for the info. The story line would make good conversation however the saddle wouldn't meet the time line. Oddly enough you mentioned Jimmy Stewart of all people and he is a relative on my Mom's side.. This old saddle still remains a mystery, but I have to say I have roped off it with no ill effects for over 30 years and I am not talking tossing an occasional rope. I do however make sure its wrapped properly when doing so. Whoever made it factory or not it is solid and like I said comfortable. I would like to find out the original stamped over/ hidden makers mark and wring the neck of whoever covered it up. When people cover up makers marks it reeks of theft to me and I don't cotton to that kind of stuff. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I would love to see some of your work. JJ
  3. I haven't looked up any info about what was said back during the sale of the saddle, but now I just might do that. I am surprised I remembered what was told to me, but those are the benefits and detriments of an eidetic memory. A lot of worthless info rattling around in my head. Thank you for your reply
  4. This old beauty, I have been riding in since the early 1980's. It was purchased from a fella named Bill House and he claimed to be one of the original, if not the original Marlboro men. Whether, that is true or not, we didn't have the internet back then to help us find out that info. Just given you some background info. He hung with another cowboy named Marvin, last name unknown who later broke his neck in a car accident in NJ. Sad, because this fella could really sit a horse. I have had multiple custom saddles made, yet this is always my go to saddle and travels with me wherever I go. It probably has more flyer miles than most people, seeing it has been on many international flights, Island flights and goes with me whenever I go anywhere either to buy, ride, train or do anything horse related. Even just R&R vacations because you just never know... I wish I could duplicate it because, every single person who has ever had the privilege to ride this saddle has wanted one. Yes, I have had a saddlemaker try, but it just doesn't feel the same, even having someone ride it for over a year to break it in for me. . I was told it was purchased at an auction in Oklahoma, because it made its way to NJ, via a group of cowboys that would buy and ship western horses in their rig. 10 horse gooseneck stock trailer. These folks are probably in their early to late 60's, possibly a bit older now. Again just background info that might jog someone's memory of a possible history.. That being said, until recently I never thought to look to see if it had a maker's mark or any other identification. sometimes perfection doesn't need a label. I found something but it is indistinguishable, but maybe it would help in my search for the Maker. Whoever made it, I hope they became a great success because like I said there hasn't been a saddle I have ridden in that can compare for an all around ride purpose. before I have posted any of my requests for help, I have combed databases for Maker Marks and all sorts of historical data. These three saddles I have requested help with are the only three out of many, I can't seem to find out any info on. Again, Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide and the best way to care for these old beauties.
  5. Howdy all, Once again I am reaching out to the folks in the know to see if I can get any info on this saddle I purchased at a fund raiser. The saddle is completely in tact, all parts as pictured. The rear cinch strap although not pictured was also included. My prime concern is the best way to clean and maintain this old beauty. The bars on the saddle are oversized, so I am guessing it was custom made for a draft or draft cross. Seat 16 inches. The saddle weighs a hefty amount 50 plus pounds. It was donated to a fund raiser in NJ and have had no luck in trying to locate the person who donated it. I would be happy to send more photos, however I reached the max 1.46 MB for post.
  6. Howdy all, it is not often I have time to think about who, what , where, when and how so I figured I would reach out to the experts in the leather field. First and foremost, thank you for any help that is supplied. I know how the saddle making process works in part, since I have had a few made, but these babies I recently purchased just because they intrigued me have left me baffled. I am also far away from my home in Nevada, so I need some recommendations for someone near NJ who can repair a saddle horn leather and any other needed repairs to these old beauties. . That being said. This is saddle number one I purchased online just because I have a thing for saddles with buckstiching and while not what is a typical buckstich, the white detail on the saddle caught my eye. The horn needs to be repaired and the rear off billet needs to be duplicated. The fenders and the skirt are finished on the back side, which I find interesting. I used a camera that gets into small places to really look for a maker's mark or any identification and found none. The hardware is all brass. There are holes in the skirts, where there was probably silver plates that were removed and all the Conchos were replaced with leather rosettes with brass screws. Any info anyone might have on this type saddle would be appreciated. someone suggested it was a Chinese made saddle, but I have no idea if that is even in the realm of possibilities. Thank you again in advance for any info or suggestions for a saddle repair person near NJ. Please feel free to email me or post any questions on site. Regards, JJ
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