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  1. I took off the back cover of the 669 and I believe I can see where the 0667 135204 air cylinder will attach. I've provided a photo and diagram here showing where it bolts to the machine and where the ring clip will be attached. I will order the parts tonight. I'm not entirely sure how best to run the air hose inside the machine, but I'm sure I'll figure that part out. I'm going to try and figure out if there is a set screw for the synchronizer "bolt" (part number 0667 105100), rather than press fitting it with tape. Maybe I'll 3d print a socket to remove the machines flywheel. Thanks again, Glenn.
  2. To add some useful info to this 669 thread, for those who come along later, the part number to attach the motor directly to the 669 is 0659 490010. Attached here is a 669 Parts List. To reduce the file size I've had to limit its compatibility to Adobe Acrobat 10 and later. DA_669_PARTS_LIST_FOR_ADOBE_ACROBAT_10.pdf
  3. Thank you very much, Glenn! That's extremely helpful. I was able to find the assemblies for the part numbers you've listed. It's easy to see how the manual foot lift kit installs and works, but I am scratching my head on the 0667 135204 air cylinder and attachment screw. Are you able to describe where this connects to on the machine? I'm guessing it's not attached to the knee lift area, but attaches elsewhere on the machine? I'd hoped to go electric on the presser foot lift, but I'm happy to use air if that gets the job done in a simple and straight-forward fashion. Again, much thanks for your assistance. A video would be very helpful. I will message you an email address.
  4. Any chance you'll be making that Thread about your 669 setup? I know I'd be very interested! And it would be quite helpful.
  5. Hello, Glenn, I was wondering if i could ask about the kit you mention to convert the 669 from knee lift to foot lift. My dealer is unaware of this kit/part, and I'm trying to get a 24v electric foot lift to work on this machine, and the easiest way would be to have this kit. Any chance you have a party number? The chain would really simplify things, otherwise the cylinder just doesn't have enough travel, pulling sideways from underneath the machine on the attachment rod. It's like 2" travel at that point. Would you be able to snap a photo of your air lift setup? I would install the same if i can see how, or perhaps i could see how otherwise to integrate the 24v solenoid. Much thanks if you are able to shed some light on this for me!
  6. Hello, Leatherworker! I bought an Adler 669 ECO, machine head only, and a flat bed attachment, from Campbell Randall (CR). CR was great to deal with, and The 3/8" Aluminum flatbed attachment is impressive, and I will router it into a larger piece of plywood with some legs. I have two questions that I could use some assistance with, if anyone has input. Particularly with question #1 1) Does anyone know what the part number / part numbers is/are to convert the 669 from a knee lift to a chain-to-foot-pedal-lift? Reason being, is that I have a 24v solenoid and a sewing motor with a 24v out but it's only going to work with a chain-lift. The solenoid is a PF-2 that I believe is manufactured by HoHsing, but I bought it on Ebay off of a Mitsubishi motor for $75. It was never installed and is brand new. 2) Is there a 669 specific part for attaching an EPS? I have seen the 869 DA Part #V00670-5640, Style #0667 105100 used on the 669, but it's unable to be secured correctly and needs tape or glue to hold it in place. The owners manual shows a part that's painted/powder coated black, which makes me wonder if there isn't a 669 specific part that works better? Sorry for the long post, I'm trying to include as much pertinent info as possible. Much thanks if anyone has input on this, and I will document whatever solutions I come up with, to help others who come this way. (For anyone wondering, I design and build van conversions for the Mercedes Sprinter van, and I will be using this machine to sew custom straps, pouches, bags, nets, window covers, and mattresses.)
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