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  1. These are lovely, and I really like the simplicity of the kits. They feel like perfect gifts for the friends who constantly look over our shoulder, wondering if they can have our next finished wallet Do you have any tips for cleaning the leather after laser cutting? Or better yet, avoiding char so that the holes are relatively clean when stitching up? I'll soon have access to a robustly powered laser cutter, and can't wait to experiment, but any tips ahead of time are gratefully received!
  2. There are no negative effects to laser cutting/engraving after applying the Resolene? How much do you vent as you engrave? I guess it doesn't produce more smoke/fumes than standard veg tan laser cutting? I've had samples cut on a laser cutter, which I needed to clean quite energetically with a nail brush and soapy water, so anything that helps make the process cleaner or less labour-intensive to clean sounds like something I need to do. And given I plan to generally acrylic-paint my pieces before cutting, Resolene will be a necessary step anyway.
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