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  1. Good evening I have been reading this great forum for a long time and have learned a lot here. Now I have bought a Seiko ch-8b and have the same problem with the machine as described by Emule. With the reverse stitch, the machine only makes half the stitch width of the previous stitch ... I have already read through the Consew instructions. But unfortunately that didn't get me much further ... It seems to me as if the feed regulating lever is shifted upwards in the zero point. But unfortunately I absolutely cannot explain to myself how to regulate that. Hopefully someone can help me here. (And please excuse my bad english, I'm not a native speaker.) Best regards
  2. Hello Troy
    If the Adler 205 is still available I would like to buy it
    greetings Martin
    1. Troy Burch

      Troy Burch

      Sorry for the late response I just now seen this. If your still interested yes it's still for sale.

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