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  1. Yeah, I was afraid of the whole flaking thing. I was hoping to not have to hand dye the background but I agree that's probably the best option to have a half way good looking finished product. Thanks for the input guys. God bless
  2. Hello all, I hope everyone is having a good friday! I am starting a hand tooled floral belt for a customer and they want the color to be feibings royal blue. I did a test piece with tooling and did a layer of resist before applying the tan antique. It came out too dark and there was zero contrast. My question for y'all is this: is there a way to antique a dark leather with a lighter color to add contrast? I thought about rubbing paint into the tooling and wiping off excess like you would antique but I could see that being a big mess. I know weaver sells a neutral antique but I'm not sure if that would achieve what I'm looking for. Aside from leaving the belt natural color and hand dyeing the background after tooling, I'm sure what to do here. Any suggestions would be appreciated! God Bless
  3. Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys. The laws in my area require FFL transfer for it to change hands even if temporarily. Had a customer correct me on that once when I suggested borrowing his firearm for holster making. Also, I'm not zoned for business where I make my leather goods, so I have to do all my work online and can't legally have customers on site anyway. Great suggestion on the home made wood mold, but once again I cant even take the gun temporarily for pulling dimensions. Looks like my hands are tied on this one.. been thinking on moving out of state anyways. Maybe its time to move to a more leather business friendly state. (shrug)
  4. Thank you for the replies. At the moment I run my business from my home, so getting the customer gun is not an option. It will be nice to have a shop front someday to do that sort of thing but for now I have nothing to go off of if I don't have the mold for the gun. Customer mentioned that it has a scope as well, so I need the rail part on the mold also. If anyone has this mold I would be willing to pay for it. Seems like a cool project and would hate to have to turn down business. Dave
  5. Hello all, I have a customer looking for a holster for a S&W performance center model 629 7.5" barrel. I have reached out to multiple sources including blueguns, duncans (which apparently got out of the gun mold game), and gun shops to try to locate deactivated firearms to use as a mold. I also reached out to S&W to see if they had any but they stated that they do not sell to individuals. I would like to do this project for the customer but I'm dead in the water if I can't find something to use as a mold. Any help would be appreciated! God Bless
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