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  1. @RockyAussie Thank you ! I am hoping to start making the pattern soon
  2. @RockyAussie I bought some of my leather stuff at Packer leather in Narangba (the Klassic Craft I think it was in brandy https://packerdirect.com.au/product/klassical-kraft/) and some of the items from eBay. I borrowed a very good book from the library called "Pigpong - Tanned Leather Hand-Made Bags", it was very thorough and helpful, lots of pictures. I can really recommend it for beginners. It includes patterns (with size instructions for printing) and a list of products needed. Unfortunately some of the items are US based and I cannot find them here. Bought some glue off eBay. Instructions were in Chinese .... LOL - that led to a couple of trial-and-error situations, but at least I was not glued to the item. I took pictures and measurements of all the items that my son wanted included before he went overseas, and am currently making them out of cardboard and tape. My plan is to lay them out and see how it works. He has shortened his list of knives - has had a couple of them stolen and one broke, so I will have to do a recount. Figuring I will make the outside of the case in cowhide and the inside in kangaroo, to make it more sturdy, but not too bulky. I know kangaroo hide is very sturdy, but I just feel like the roll will end up being a banana instead if made only from kangaroo. I will start a new thread when I get started more seriously. I totally understand the critique I got for not replying fast, and understand the frustration of the people who are helpful. Hard thought when many days I just do not function /shrug. The post Tugadude linked : https://www.instructables.com/Leather-Chefs-Knife-Roll/ is awesome. I am however figuring on a double stitch with a small space in between the knife pouches. I am not keen on the rivet look, but I can see the sense of the seem and the top and bottom rivet that you have on your roll.
  3. A pencil case is just to learn how to work in leather. I am a hands on person and do not learn if I cannot do as well. Bit of a challenge sometimes - I have restarted many projects that way
  4. Hi Brian That is a lovely offer and I may take you up on it. I am in just North of Brisbane. It looks great and I shall liberally steal your ideas. My son prefers to have the blade out so he can easily see what he is grabbing - his poor mother (me) shudders at the thought. What leather have you used ? I just burnished a pencil case I am working on in 2nd sorting kangaroo leather as a trial-and-error piece. I think in this second attempt the result was quite good. I am waiting for a reply from an eBay seller - I want glue that is flexible and weather proof without having to pay a fortune to have it shipped from the US. Normally with a new kind of crafting I just start, but with leather it is a bit harder to undo errors than it in embroidery or sewing.
  5. Interesting idea. Currently he is using an old towel, which does not really look that professional :). When he lived with us and took the train to work at 05:00 there was another chef (presumably) who would sharpen his knives on the train ! I am not sure I understand what you mean by "liners". With regards to the rivets, he does not want the blade but the handle in the sheath (which does not make me happy) - he says that is what he has always done. I am working on a pencil case right now to get the initial working processes right. I am not satisfied with the burnishing yet, so will give it another try.
  6. The instructables link is based on cow hide, but I have seen it before and I definitely like some of the ideas - but not the rivets :/ ... I know it would make my life much easier, but I don't like the look. I do a lot of embroidery, so the sewing is not off-putting. The initial problem is that my son is 20.000 kms away, so I have to go by measurements and use my own kitchen knives. The plan is to make the pattern, make an initial roll in craft leather (cheap stuff from China), send that to him and get feedback before going on to the real thing. Eyeballing unfortunately doesn't work for me :/. I am currently making cardboard models of the knives I have measured up, so I can put them out on the paper. Do you guys think Kangaroo will be strong enough ? It just feels so soft and pliable ? I know it is strong for its thickness but ... This is not the goal - but wow ! https://jendeindustries.com/chef-s-roll-knife-bag.html
  7. I am sorry for the late reply. I am handicapped and have many bad days. I do however appreciate all the replies, but as a newbie to the craft I do not have anything much to contribute Also I live in Australia, which means there will be a lot of time lag. I need time to absorb your pictures and replies.
  8. My son has asked me if I would make him a chef's tool roll. He has got about 20 knives and also some other tools he would like to have in one place. I have never worked in leather before, but hey what's life without challenges. My first thought was to make it in kangaroo leather, which is lovely and soft and I know they say it is very tough, but I am unsure if it can hold the shape and carry the weight. I have wondered if I am better off making the outer layer in bovine leather and the inner knife pockets in kangaroo leather to keep the roll as light as possible. I am currently working on 2nd sorting leather to get a better idea of the work processes and have tried to bevel the edge, but it seems to me that the leather is to thin for me to get a good result as it moved with the beveling knife. I will have to make the pattern myself as I have been unable to find any patterns online - which in itself is a challenge as well. Any advise will be appreciated.
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