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  1. Does anybody please have advice as to removing or at least lightening the super strong ink stains in the attached photograph? Many thanks
  2. Thanks Fred - that makes sense. I'll keep that in mind should the cobbler not be able to save it, although if he can't save it it's probably closer to a total loss and I'll probably sand the top layer off and recolour it. The pores would still be clogged but at least the bulk would be gone. That's a very good question - I guess a bit of both! It's a a 27 year old amazing quality bag (full grain full aniline leather, unlined, solid brass/nickel hardware) in the colour I've wanted for a long time and to dodge multiple shoe-polished one to finally still end up with one frustrates me to no end as well as the fact that someone out there bought it and decided to ruin it with whatever they put on it. I currently have a few others in my possession (see attached) and eight on the way or waiting to be rehabbed, so it's a style dear to my heart. None of my 'modern' bags beat vintage Coach!
  3. Thank you for your advice, Fred. I rang some local cobblers and one has offered to remove and recolour the bag. I'm hoping the experts will be able to deal with it but if they cannot, I shall try the cellulose thinner.
  4. I bought a small vintage Coach bag and unfortunately it is caked in shoe polish. I've tried everything I can get my hands on - scrubbed and soaked overnight three times it in water and dish soap, a big bottle of acetone, non-acetone polish remover, Saphir Renomat, a wide range of leather cleaners and conditioners, different soaps, melting with a hairdryer etc. The polish has been literally impossible to remove despite all that vigorous beating and money wasted spent. The leather is full grain full aniline and I'm pretty sure it's soaked into the pores as well as caked on the surface. I feel so hopeless but I don't want to give up on it. Even its spaghetti straps are caked. Does anyone have any advice please? Photograph attached. ETA: I have five more of this bag style in different colours that aren't shoe-polished as well as a bunch of other vintage Coach bags in the same type of leather so I'm familiar with dealing with the type of the leather but not the shoe polish removal. Once that is dealt with and gone (hopefully!!!), I can pick things up from there. I'm a new member and not sure where to post this so mods please move to the right or better place. Thanks
  5. I would say solid brass. It tarnishes over time but that can be fixed in literally seconds with some brasso.
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