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  1. I did not hear back from the "China source" for the table, yet, but I did hear back from Mike Kientzle at AmeriKen and he offered to sell, "Clicker Rule (Rule Die Steel)", and stated that , "...most leather workers use hydraulic benders...", and that , "The benders we sell are made for Steel Rule and are not strong enough (for Clicker Rule)". Like you, I have watched the videos from BAD&G leather and it did not appear that he was using a hydraulic bender to me. From what Mike at AmeriKen said it would appear that the steel that you and I are both looking at using to make dies out of is too light a gauge , but that doesn't seem to have slowed down that fella on Youtube any, lol. I think the gauge of the steel rule would affect the service life of the die for sure, but I don't have any idea if a die made of "Steel Rule" would simply not work at all. I can't imagine it, though. I do know that finding information about all of this is like pulling teeth. It is hard to pin people down to get the information. Good Luck, and share what you find out. I will share as well.
  2. china die maker bending machine for bending rule die steel making cutting dies in shoes industry (machineto.com) I just found this on the internet myself and made an inquiry. They are located in china, and they appear to be the manufacturer. I requested information on possibly purchasing their product from a dealer in the United States, but the one place I had found that had an old advertisement for this product showed it as discontinued. There is no telling how many they want me to buy, or if they already had another distributor in the United States. I hope this helps.
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