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  1. I wondered If you were able to solve it? Because I have the exact same sound! Just installed, new out of the box!I have no comparison nor experience with these motors,, but this sound is worrying me too. Did you found a solution/anwser?
  2. Main question: Here in Europe/The Netherlands I could buy a Adler 168-273 but I'm affraid that it could become (or already is?) worthless because the lack of (spare)parts.. Is my fear legit? In my online search I couldn't find much users and/or parts for the 168 model in general. Does that mean I better stay away? This particular model is a 3 feed twin needle(8mm/needle size110-140), post type machine with large rotary hooks and friction motor. Secondairy question: I would like to use it for leather car upholstery (some with piping), yachting canvas (bimini, sprayhood/dodger) and incidentically sail repair. Is it correct to believe that a twin needle post type machine could be quite versatile and offer me: - room for sails (without the need of a longarm) - possibiltiy to use it as a flatbed with the use of a extra (raised) bed on the table - great double stitches for upholstery (double pointed seem) and yachting canvas (flat felling seam) - could also use is with 1 needle for single stitch Does the above points make sence? Or do I better search for a flatbed type machine like the good old Adler 267 (or something else)?
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