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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable knowledge and experience.
  2. If you don't mind me asking, why do you need U instead of V?
  3. Does, or did, Shapleigh make good round/head knives? I'm looking for something that will hold a good edge. Thank you
  4. Thank you for this valuable input.
  5. Would you take a chance on this knife for $40? Keep in mind, you can only afford one and would rather put another $20 into a tried and true model. However, something unique, that speaks to you and saves would be the best option. What is your advise?
  6. Here are a couple of pictures. I can't find any information about the maker. Thank you for taking the time to advise.
  7. Hello, You've gotten lots of great feedback. Just thought to share my two cents. You can literally get away with a box cutter, dinner fork, awl and needle with thread. You will definitely produce some 'bushy' projects. My recommendation is get one of the cheap kits for under $100 that comes with all the basics and then some. You will have what you need to get started and in time be able to determine what you use regularly and need to upgrade. Some of the tools from the kit will last years. Once you determine what you like building, the need for upgraded, specific tools, will make themselves apparent. Working off your bike, you will have to keep it relatively simple. Toting a slab of marble around for tooling, probably isn't an option. Hope this different approach will offer some ideas. Knees in the breeze, Maurice
  8. Hello all, Are there any ways to determine the quality of the metal in a knife sorry from using it and reputation? I've come across a head knife and can't determine the maker. I read that it's important to attract a magnet. Is that correct? Any other tips that might indicate quality and ability to sharpen and hold edge? Thank you, Maurice
  9. Hello all, Did C.S. Osbourne make a head/round knife with a silver colored ferrule? It has the shape of the #70, but is only 4.5 inches like the #71. Most of the knives I've seen, new and vintage, have a brass ferrule. Please share your expertise and knowledge about this questionable anomaly. Thank you, Maurice
  10. Hello all, I have scoured the internet for hours and can't find the smallest inkling of information relevant to the maker/reputation, relating to the the quality of this leather knife. Is anyone familiar with this brand and the quality of the tools produced by this company? Thank you
  11. Hello, I'm just getting started with leather crafting. I have leukemia that restricts my life. In particular my budget. It's my birthday and I'm interested in buying myself the knife you have for sale. I'd like the beveler also, but can't really afford both. Will you please sell me just the knife? It's going to be the monument of my journey on the path of leather working. Thank you, Maurice
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