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  1. Thanks for the tip. I think i may have a bad batch of 277. It's really prone to twisting and fraying more so than my 207. The 207 works great by hand, it's just small for horns and binders.
  2. So, I'm a novice saddle maker, currently have 8 Wades under my belt. I worked under a master maker for my first one, but have pretty much been slogging it out on my own since. The more I learn, the more I don't know. One thing I'm looking at changing up is my thread choice. Currently using 207 nylon for everything except my cantle binding and horn, which is 277 nylon. Yes, the 277 is a pain to hand sew with. I'm looking to find a type/size that is a little more universal for both machine and hand stitching on working ranch saddles. Braided, nylon, linen? Recommendations and tips greatly appreciated!
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