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  1. Hello everybody, I recently purchased a size two and size three C.S. Osbourne Western Edgers, they did not arrive sharp and I do not know the best way to sharpen them, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  2. The person selling is asking $1500, I was looking at the BOSS sewing machine prior to this but read mixed reviews. Also helps that the guy is somewhat local.
  3. Hello everybody, I have an opportunity to purchase a Landis #1 Stitching Machine that has been completely restored. I mostly do belts, rifle slings, rifle cases and scabbards, and recently some saddle repair. I was just wondering if this would be a viable machine for the job and if anybody had any pros and cons. Thanks much.
  4. Welcome Brother, I'm from Kentucky too. Best of luck going full time, I would love to go full time myself, but current day and age wont allow it lol. Great to meet ya!
  5. Thank you sir, hope all is well your way! - Garrett
  6. Thanks much brother, Congrats on 30 years in Corrections, I am currently on year 5 with the Kentucky Department of Corrections. Great job but definitely a tough beat to walk. Hope all is well. - Garrett
  7. Hey Dwight, I live in Olive Hill, but can throw a rock and be in Grahn lol. Great to meet ya. Hope all is well.
  8. Hello everybody, my name is Garrett and I am from a small town in Eastern Kentucky, I have been a member on the site for a while but this is my first official post. I have been working with leather for going on three years. I have primarily been making belts, rifle slings, key tags, and a few little miscellaneous items here and there. I am wanting to venture into the world of making saddles and tack. So glad to be a part of this site and have gained a lot of knowledge from a lot of great craftsmen and women. Thanks everybody!!
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